S Track vs. L Track Massage Chairs

 S-Track vs. L-Track Massage Chair

If you want to experience the best relaxation and massage therapy at home, a massage chair is the ideal choice. But with so many options out there, how can you decide which one will offer the best benefits for your needs? Comparing S Track and L Track massage chairs can help narrow down your selection.

What are the Differences between S-track and L-track?

The main difference between S Track and L Track massage chairs is in their design. S Track massage chairs only provide a massage for your spine and neck; the rollers only move up and down along your back. An L Track massage chair, on the other hand, has an extended rail system that allows the rollers to move from your neck all the way down to your glutes and hamstrings- providing a complete full-body massage experience.

Below we will discuss in detail the differences between S Track and L Track massage chair.

What are S Track Massage Chairs?

An S Track Massage Chair follows the natural curvature of your spine, providing a more comfortable massage experience. It features four rollers that travel along the user's back in an S-shaped pattern, stretching them out even more. It's ideal for people who want a thorough, intense massage and need specific attention on their lower back or upper neck and shoulders.

If you want to have a great massage chair that’s affordable and dependable, you can’t really go wrong with an S Track chair. The reason why it’s named like this is that the roller track has the shape of an S. The rollers are traveling both up and down in order to deliver a comprehensive and powerful massage. It also goes with a slight curve, and the idea here is to mimic the shape of the spinal curve. As we know, the spine does have the form of an S more or less, it’s not straight.

With the S-Track, you get to provide a lot of support to your back, and the idea is to have rollers that offer a more accurate spine following. It will work better compared with times when the track is straight, so that’s definitely something to take into consideration here.

What’s important to note here is that the S Track chairs are running from the back of the head, shoulders, and neck, then to the end of your spine. This S Track stops and then the rollers go back on the track to the top to repeat the massage. You want to go with this type of massage chair if you like stretching.

Most of these do provide a really impressive stretching experience since you have the ability to increase the spine length and also recline the back. What we like about the S Track chairs is that they offer a very good roller precision.

Plus, you can also have 4D and 3D massage capabilities, which can be a very important aspect to take into consideration. It works incredibly well, it’s powerful and you will find it to deliver incredible results every time. That’s why you really have to give it a try for yourself if you want the best, most powerful, and comprehensive experience out there. 

What are L Track Massage Chairs?

L Track chairs go with a different approach. Instead of the curved S, the rollers have a track that has the shape of an L. An L Track Massage Chair features an L shape track that travels down the user's back and around their glutes and hamstring area.

This type of massage chair typically has four rollers that cover the entire length of the body, while a S Track massage chair typically only covers from the neck to the lower lumbar spine. It's ideal for those who need more coverage in their thighs and buttocks areas. You do want to use these if you are interested in getting more coverage for your back. 

If you are one of the persons that deal with sciatic, lower back pain, then this is the chair to help you. it will help stretch your muscles naturally, while also connecting your spine to the lower extremities and hips. You just get a much better, longer, and more comfortable massage that really pushes the experience to the next level. The results are impressive, and you will find yourself very happy with the results and the way it all comes together here. Once you use everything to your advantage, the outcome can be great, and it’s exactly the thing you need to take into consideration.

Which one is better?

Both S Track and L Track massage chairs offer many benefits. The S Track is great for those who want a more accurate, detailed massage, while the L Track sets itself apart by providing greater coverage to areas like the glutes and thighs. However, if you’re seeking a gentle, relaxing massage then an S track chair may be the better option due to its more moderate intensity settings. 

It’s also important to note that the L track chairs are known to be less efficient for shoulder and neck massage when compared to the S track. These are known for delivering more precision in the case of shoulders and the neck, not to mention the stretching function is just as powerful and dependable.

That being said, both of them have the 3D and 4D technologies for the most part. So you will get a good massage regardless, it’s up to you whether you want a massage that continues to the gluteus maximus or not. Deciding which one is right for you depends on your needs and budget - so take the time to do some research before making your decision!

Which Massage Chair Should You Choose? 

Ultimately, the massage chair you choose will depend on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a more-intense, targeted massage then an L Track should be your top choice. 

You want to use the L Track because it helps you deal with sciatica problems, a sore butt, or if you are dealing with piriformis syndrome. On top of that, the L track just delivers a more complete massage, which can be great for a lot of people.

On the other hand, if relaxation is what you’re after then an S Track might be better suited to your needs, since it offers more moderate intensity settings. So take some time to do research and read up on different models before making a purchase!


Both the S and L track massage chairs are very popular, but each is due to its own reason. One of them is very popular because it’s so easy to use and dependable, the other is designed from the ground up with efficiency and quality in mind. We recommend you to test out both of them and see which one delivers the type of results and value you want. Massages are very personal and subjective, so it’s a good idea to see things for yourself. In the end, it all comes down to what you like the most, but there are some amazing options either way! Weigh your options carefully when purchasing any piece of furniture - a massage chair is no exception!


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